Zody statement on key 2019 session issues

INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody issued the following statement after the 2019 legislative session adjourned sine die.

“Taxpayers sign their checks, but this session Indiana Republicans worked for a different boss – special interests. I don’t blame working Hoosiers for feeling frustrated while the well-off and well-connected are again crowned big winners at the Statehouse. In an opportunity for Governor Holcomb to seize the bully pulpit and lead, he took a backseat on hate crimes and teacher pay while boosting a budget that leaves too many Hoosiers behind.”  

Teacher pay

“Governor Holcomb continues to disrespect Indiana educators by delaying significant pay hikes for teachers with the slowest-growing salaries in the country. Hoosier teachers have accepted an ‘I owe u’ from Statehouse Republicans for the better part of a decade and that didn’t change this session. Empty promises don’t pay the bills. Teachers’ paychecks are going to look exactly like they did four months ago. Like the slowest growing in the nation.”

School funding

“Holcomb and Republicans’ ‘historic’ funding increase for traditional public schools is barely above inflation. It’s tough to pay teachers more when public schools are treading water. Meanwhile, charter and voucher schools received nearly five times bigger increases. If budgets are a value statement, Holcomb and Statehouse Republicans are morally bankrupt for a plan that needlessly sorts students and schools into two groups – winners and losers.”

Dept. of Child Services

“When the cameras and the questions faded, Governor Holcomb failed to keep his word to fully fund the Department of Child Services. It’s a shameful retreat and the latest signal that Governor Holcomb lacks the leadership and backbone to do what’s right for abused and neglected children.”