The Voter File


The Indiana Democratic Party maintains an online voter file to help Democratic campaigns and activists do the work to win up and down the ballot. VAN, sometimes called Votebuilder, NGP VAN, or just the Voter File, has the tools and information needed to run data-driven campaigns. On this page, you will find information on accessing VAN and trainings to help you understand the program. 

Voter file access

If you are a campaign who is requesting VAN access for the first time, please fill out the VAN intake form and we will reach out to you with follow-up materials to create your committee on VAN. 

Click for VAN Intake Form. 

***This form is ONLY for campaigns requesting initial VAN access. Individual users requesting access must go through their designated committee administrators to request access.  

Voter file help

If you are experiencing technical difficulties with the use of VAN, please submit a support request to our data team, including as much detail and images as possible here:  

Click for VAN Tech Support 

For Log-in specific questions, please use the following document to troubleshoot: Log-In Issues Decision Tree 


If you would like to request an in-person VAN training from the state party, please reach out to Indiana Democratic Party Deputy Data Director at

Upcoming in-person VAN Trainings:

None currently scheduled

The VANual

The VANual is a manual that covers a wide range of tools in functions in the VAN. The most up-to-date version of the VANual is available below. Please contact Brady Wade at for the password to the PDF.

Click for VANual V17.9

VAN Training Videos

This section includes pre-recorded videos on a variety of topics related to using VAN. Please contact Brady at for a password to view these videos. Following each section of videos, you can also use the accompanying “Skills Checklist” document to make sure you have learned all you should from those videos and complete the challenges in the document to test your new skills.

VAN Basics

Video – Introduction to VAN [13:46]

Building Blocks of Voter Contact

Video – Creating Activist Codes [12:10]

Video – Creating Survey Questions [13:29]

Video – Creating Scripts [10:53]

Skills Checklist – Building Blocks of Voter Contact

Previously Recorded VAN Webinars

Don’t see a topic listed that you need? Let us know! Email Brady at

Likely Party Phase-Out webinar 1

Likely Party Phase-Out webinar 2

VAN Basics: General Introduction to the Voter File

VAN Basics: How to Create a List

VAN Basics: Quick Lookup

VAN Basics: How to use My Campaign

How to Use Counts and Crosstabs

How to Create an Export

Grid View Data Entry

How to Create Letters and Labels in the Voter File

Narrowing Precinct Lists

How to Create Canvass and Call Sheets

Enhance Your Voter Contact

Tracking Absentee Ballots and Early Voters

Other Topics

Voter Protection Information

Voter Protection and Absentee Balloting

Voter IDs and Fail Safes

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