Statement on Governor-Elect Holcomb’s Remarks

INDIANAPOLIS – John Zody, Chairman of the Indiana Democratic Party, released the following statement after Governor-elect Eric Holcomb’s remarks at a conference this morning in Indianapolis.

“I had hoped to hear a greater sense of urgency from Governor-elect Holcomb this morning about addressing the many challenges facing Indiana right now. The November 8 election is behind us, but our problems are not. The governor-elect talked about Indiana’s economy and unemployment rate, but there was very little mentioned about a vision for how we grow wages in our state so Hoosiers can get ahead. While Pre-K was mentioned, there was no long-term vision presented that would expanded it to all Hoosiers – something that is critical for our state’s long-term success. And while a plan for infrastructure was touched on, questions still remain about what the plan looks like.  As the legislative session approaches, I hope Governor-elect Holcomb and Statehouse Republicans will realize the urgency of our state’s challenges, or Indiana will continue to fall behind the rest of the nation.”