Progress Tracker: the 2020 Safe Voting Initiative


The 2020 Safe Voting Initiative is our most groundbreaking GOTV effort to date. It’s the ONLY statewide program designed to minimize the health risk at the ballot box and combat the GOP’s rampant attempts at voter suppression.

This is a 100%-grassroots-backed project. Will you chip in to help us reach our September goal?

To get this done, we’ve nearly tripled the size of our staff. We’ve started projects to help register voters, educate them on their options to vote safely, connect them with their candidates, and provide them with resources for voter protection.

And that’s all thanks to Hoosiers’ investments. Unlike our GOP counterparts, we’re running a 100%-grassroots-backed GOTV program. That’s why we’re dedicated to keeping investors like you in the loop.

Here’s what we’ve done so far, and where we plan to go with this initiative:

The Vote by Mail Program

We took on new staff members to help run the largest vote by mail program in the history of our party. Then, we sent tens of thousands of vote by mail applications to Hoosiers across the state.

Now, we’re running the largest statewide vote by mail program in Indiana.

NEXT: During the primary, nearly 12% of vote-by-mail applicants didn’t vote in the election at all. That means we’ve got to run a massive texting and phone banking program to get their applications and ballots back early. We’re focused on thwarting mail delays and educating Hoosiers on their options.

Voter & Volunteer Outreach

We’ve hired new staff members to run a field program designed to educate voters on their candidates and their options to vote safely in 2020. Then, we purchased new texting and phone banking software to make sure they have the tools to get out the vote safely.

Our field staff has already been on the phones every day, recruiting volunteers and talking about our winning message.

We’ve also created a toolkit to help get Hoosiers involved this year.

You can read our list of ways to get involved.  Here are just a few of the things we’re encouraging Hoosiers to do:

We launched a candidate website and social media guide to help voters find their candidates online.

NEXT: We’re creating pandemic-approved (1) volunteer kits, expanding our (2) text and phone banking program, and running (3) digital ads to increase volunteer outreach.

Multilingual Outreach

We’ve hired translators to translate our content into multiple languages. We’ve also invested in captioning software to equip all voter education videos with subtitles for the deaf and hard-of-hearing community.

We’re working with the DNC to bring Spanish-speaking Hoosiers a free, six-part training course on organizing in 2020!

NEXT: We’re hiring a (1) Spanish-speaking field staffer to conduct voter and volunteer outreach in Spanish! We will also continue to invest in (2) multilingual voter education content.

Voter Registration

We built voter registration teams at colleges across the state to register a record number of first-time voters. Then, we sent them pandemic-approved voter registration kits to safely register young voters.

NEXT: The College Dems have a goal of (1) registering more than 10,000 first-time voters. We’re funding a texting and phone banking program to help our college teams (2) mobilize the voters they registered. We’re also launching a similar program to (3) contact voters whose registration information may have changed.

Voter Education

We created countless voter education tools with the help of a legal team. Now, we’re releasing them and sharing them with campaigns.

Here’s our voter education toolkit so far:

NEXT: We’re investing in software to better (1) connect voters with their candidates. We’re (2) running digital ads to make sure this content reaches a larger audience.

Voter Protection

We partnered with the DNC to open up our voter protection hotline. Voters can call this hotline to report instances of voter suppression and get help with their options to vote safely this year. You can call the hotline at 317-261-3820.

We’ve also created an email to answer all your voting questions. Reach out at

NEXT: We’re keeping these resources through the election. That means maintaining a big staff capable of providing round-the-clock voter support.

Candidate Services

We’ve expanded our data team to make sure campaigns are getting the most up-to-date information and maximizing their resources.

Then, we created and shared content to help connect campaigns with volunteers to continually expand our GOTV efforts.

We built the 2020 Candidate Toolbox. The toolbox is equipped with voter education content, campaign tips, Indiana stats, and other digital content for Hoosier Dems running for office in 2020.

We produced a series of webinars to help candidates adjust to campaigning during a public health crisis.

NEXT: We’re continuing to (1) produce webinars and run trainings to help build winning campaigns. We’re also (2) investing in digital ads to reach more potential volunteers and connect them with candidates in their area.

All of this was made possible by Hoosiers’ contributions. Can you chip in to the 2020 Safe Voting Initiative today?

If you’ve saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately.

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