McCormick Refuses to Discuss Her Plan to Revive Tony Bennett’s Rejected Policies


Indianapolis – Jennifer McCormick has repeatedly refused to be forthright with voters and answer questions about her ties to Tony Bennett.

“Jennifer McCormick is nothing but Tony Bennett warmed over,” said Drew Anderson, communications director. “McCormick’s campaign is almost entirely funded by the same people that brought us Tony Bennett, but what’s worse, she wants to return to the policies that Hoosiers rejected when they elected Glenda Ritz. Hoosiers deserve to hear directly from McCormick how and why she wants to return to the failed and rejected Bennett policies.”

McCormick’s campaign contributions are 90% from the groups and donors that funded Tony Bennett, the former Superintendent of Public Instruction found to have committed fraud and used state resources to run his 2012 election campaign. She also continues to surround herself with Bennett allies at her campaign and policy announcements.


Jennifer McCormick’s campaign is 90% funded by Bennett supporters. “Of the $121,478.42 in donations reported in McCormick’s second quarterly report, at least $108,900 — or 89.6 percent — came from donors who previously contributed to Tony Bennett’s campaigns.” [Muncie Star Press, 08/18/16]

Jennifer McCormick surrounded herself with Bennett’s former staffers at her campaign announcement. “Even so, McCormick announced her run at the Statehouse surrounded by representatives of interest groups that supported Ritz’s predecessor, Tony Bennett, or have been critical of Ritz: Stand For Children, the Institute for Quality Education and the Indiana Chamber of Commerce. There were also several former staff members from Bennett’s education department team on hand.” [Chalkbeat, 01/28/16]

Jennifer McCormick rolled out her policy proposals at the headquarters of Tony Bennett’s organization, the Institute for Quality Education. In a media advisory sent on September 19, 2016, Jennifer McCormick said she would announce “her objectives for the Indiana Department of Education” at the “Old National Building, 101 W. Ohio St., building conference room, seventh floor, Indianapolis.” The Indiana Institute for Quality Education lists their address on the bottom of their website as “101 West Ohio Street, Suite 700, Indianapolis, IN 46204.” In a donor presentation in July of 2014, I4QED listed Tony Bennett as a senior advisor to the organization. [McCormick campaign media advisory, 09/19/16; I4QED website, accessed 10/06/16; I4QED donor presentation, 07/2014]


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