McCormick at Candidate Forum: More Testing, Less Democracy


INDIANAPOLIS – Yesterday, during a public forum at Ball State University hosted by the Indiana Writing Project, Jennifer McCormick doubled down on her proposal to continue the ISTEP test while also proposing taking away the voting rights of millions of Hoosiers by making the position of Superintendent of Public Instruction an appointed one instead of an elected one.

She noted that her stance on this has changed in the past 10 months, leaving voters to wonder if this is the backroom deal she has been making with Tony Bennett’s donors.

“Instead of trusting Hoosier voters to make informed decisions about who best can serve our students, Jennifer McCormick wants to take that power away from voters and put it in the hands of the governor of the state,” said Drew Anderson, Communications Director. “But this is the same candidate who supports a continuation of the failed ISTEP test.  This is the same candidate who proposes picking and choosing students to participate in pre-K programs.  This is the same candidate who takes hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations from Tony Bennett and his out-of-state and out-of-touch education reform friends. Hoosiers deserve a Superintendent who will stand up for students, educators and families. Hoosiers deserve a Superintendent like Glenda Ritz.”

Video of the comments can be found below:



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