Indiana Stonewall Democrats

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Mission Statement: Indiana Stonewall Democrats are LGBTQ+ Hoosiers and allies committed to ensuring full equality for our community by supporting candidates that prove themselves allies and legislation that improves the lives of all Hoosiers.

How to Become a Member: Members of the LGBTQ+ community and allies (those not a member of the community but whom support LGBTQ+ individuals) may join the Indiana Stonewall Democrats. Annual dues are $25. For additional information, please visit their website.

Board Members

Executive Board Members:

President – Dana Black, 7th Cong. District –

Vice President – Rick Sutton, 7th Cong. District

Secretary – Nick Dunlap –

Treasurer – Russ Sipes, 7th Cong. District

State Central Committee Member – Robert Dion, 8th Cong. District

Additional Board Members:

Zach Adamson – 7th Cong. District

Katie Doyle – 7th Cong. District

Chris Fitzgerald – 9th Cong. District

Bruce Hayes – 3rd Cong. District

E. Thomasina Marsili – 8th Cong.District

Christopher Roman – 7th Cong.District

Kate Sweeney-Bell – 7th Cong. District

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