Indiana Democratic Party’s 2022 Election Ticket


Indiana Democrats know that in order to create a better future for families in all 92 counties, leaders must solve those kitchen-table issues most important to voters. This is exactly why leaders like Tom McDermott, Destiny Wells, ZeNai Brooks, Jessica McClellan, Frank Mrvan, and others are running to serve Hoosier families. 

Whether it’s creating jobs, expanding broadband, providing a once-in-a-generation investment in infrastructure systems, combating global inflation, or fighting for a woman’s right to choose – Democrats have plans to deliver for Hoosiers no matter who they are or where they live. 

Take a look at our statewide, Congressional, and state legislative candidates below. Please also consider volunteering, contributing, and supporting these leaders during what is the most defining election of our lifetimes. 

U.S. Senate

Thomas M. McDermott, Jr. is the 20th Mayor of Hammond, Indiana’s 8th largest city. He took office on January 1st, 2004 and was the city’s first Democratic mayor in 20 years. Tom is the longest serving mayor in the City of Hammond’s history and is currently serving a fifth consecutive term.

Tom served six years in the United States Navy as a nuclear submariner aboard the USS Hyman G. Rickover (SSN 709) during the Persian Gulf War. After the Navy, Tom attended Purdue Northwest, earning high honors in Finance while working full time. Law school took Tom to South Bend, where he attended the University of Notre Dame. There, Tom worked in the school’s Legal Aid office, providing legal services for the less fortunate. After receiving his law degree, Tom returned to Hammond to open his own law practice.

Tom and his wife, Marissa, are proud parents to four children. Following 18 years of coaching youth baseball, Tom has recently turned to competing in triathlons. He is also a member of the St. John Bosco parish and numerous boards and community organizations.

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Secretary of State

Destiny Wells grew up in a farming family in Morgan County. She attended Indiana University at Bloomington and after the 9/11 attack on our country, decided to enlist in the Army National Guard. Almost 19 years later, she is now a U.S. Army Reserve Lieutenant Colonel. During this time, she also became a lawyer and started a business. As an attorney, she served as Deputy Attorney General for the State of Indiana. In the service, she met her husband, Oliver, a military intelligence Lieutenant Colonel in the Indiana Army National Guard. They are raising two sons, Owen (10) and Harrison (2), in downtown Indianapolis. 

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State Auditor

ZeNai Brooks is a CPA, author, pastor’s wife and millennial leader with extensive business and civic experience. She has combined her passion for community advocacy and her professional career as the Controller of the Corporate Responsibility function of Cummins, a Fortune 200 company and Treasurer of the related Foundation, which provides funding to grassroots initiatives and strategic programs around the world. ZeNai also serves as a Board Member with the INCPAS and as the Central Region President & National Director with the National Association of Black Accountants, amongst others. She believes that as we engage in community by giving back, empowering others and “Lifting As We Climb”, everyone can make a difference. In 2021, ZeNai was identified as a 40 under 40 Black CPA Award winner. She’s also been awarded the INCPAS’ Building Bridges to the Profession, NABA’s Frank Ross Outstanding Member, NABA’s Dynamic Leadership and Junior Achievement of Indy’s Best and Brightest. ZeNai is the author of FINISH! Leveraging career, sport, faith and failure and blogger at

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State Treasurer

Jessica McClellan is serving her second term as Treasurer of Monroe County, the 12th largest Indiana county with the 11th largest county budget. While in office, she oversees the investment of over $100 million in public funds and has increased interest income to the county by diversifying investments. Additionally, Jessica is the Vice President of the Indiana County Treasurers’ Association.

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U.S. Congress

District 1 – Frank Mrvan

District 2 – Paul Steury

District 3 – Gary Snyder

District 4 – Roger Day

District 5 – Jeannine Lee Lake

District 6 – Cinde Wirth

District 7 – Andre Carson

District 8 – Ray McCormick

District 9 – Matt Fyfe

Indiana State Senate

SD1 – Michael Griffin

SD4 – Rodney Pol Jr.

SD11 – Melinda Fountain

SD14 – Zach Heimach

SD17 – Joe Swisher

SD21 – Josh Lowry

SD23 – David Sanders

SD25 – Tamie Dixon-Tatum

SD26 – Melanie Wright

SD27 – Ron Itnyre

SD29 – J.D. Ford

SD31 – Jocelyn Vare

SD41 – Bryan Munoz|

SD45 – Nick Marshall

SD46 – Andrea Hunley

SD47 – Katie Forte

SD48 – Jeff Hill

Indiana State House

Seat 1 – Carolyn Jackson

Seat 2 – Earl Harris, Jr

Seat 3 – Ragen Hatcher

Seat 5 – Heidi Beidinger

Seat 6 – Maureen Bauer

Seat 7 – Ross Deal

Seat 8 – Ryan Dvorak

Seat 9 – Patricia Boy

Seat 10 – Charles Moseley

Seat 12 – Mike Andrade

Seat 14 – Vernon Smith

Seat 15 – Chris Kukuch

Seat 17 – James (Jim) White

Seat 19 – Lisa Beck

Seat 21 – Camden Chafee

Seat 22 – Dee M Moore

Seat 24 – Joellyn (Joey) Mayer

Seat 25 – Jen Bass-Patino

Seat 26 – Chris Campbell

Seat 27 – Sheila Ann Klinker

Seat 30 – Robin Williams

Seat 32 – Victoria Garcia Wilburn

Seat 33 – John Bartlett

Seat 34 – Sue Errington

Seat 35 – Brad Sowinski

Seat 36 – Terri Austin

Seat 39 – Matt McNally 

Seat 41 – Greg Woods

Seat 42 – Mark Spelbring

Seat 43 – Tonya Pfaff

Seat 46 – Kurtis Cummings

Seat 49 – Amanda Qualls

Seat 50 – Tammari L. (Tammy) Ingalls

Seat 51 – Michael Sean Travis

Seat 54 – Nan Polk

Seat 56 – C. Yvonne Washington

Seat 59 – Ross Thomas

Seat 60 – Kathy Thorpe

Seat 61 – Matt Pierce

Seat 62 – Penny Githens

Seat 63 – Teresa Kendall

Seat 65 – Kevin Goodman

Seat 66 – Nancy McDevitt

Seat 69 – Chad Harmon

Seat 70 – ​​Jason Joe Shemanski

Seat 71 – Rita Fleming

Seat 72 – Keil Roark

Seat 73 – Mary L. (Mimi) Pruitt

Seat 75 – Zack Davis

Seat 76 – Kathy Rybak

Seat 77 – Ryan Hatfield

Seat 78 – Jason Salstrom

Seat 80 – Phil GiaQuinta

Seat 82 – Kyle Miller

Seat 86 – Edward DeLaney

Seat 87 – Carey Hamilton

Seat 88 – Donna Griffin

Seat 89 – Mitch Gore

Seat 92 – Renee Pack

Seat 93 – Andy Miller

Seat 94 – Cherrish Pryor

Seat 95 – John Bartlett

Seat 96 – Gregory Porter

Seat 97 – Justin Moed

Seat 98 – Robin Shackleford

Seat 99 – Vanessa Summers

Seat 100 – Blake Johnson

For your local slate of candidates on the ballot Nov. 8,  please contact your county chair at

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