American Jobs Plan: Why Indiana Needs It


It’s a fact: Democrats delivered for Hoosiers by passing the American Rescue Plan, and with it, Indiana and Hoosier families can now put COVID-19 in the rearview mirror. 

But, the work doesn’t stop there. Democrats are ready to build back better and that’s why it’s time to pass the next stage of this economic recovery: the American Jobs Plan. The Jobs Plan will help revitalize Indiana’s infrastructure system. That means it’ll create good-paying jobs to help repair the “work more for less” economy created by the Indiana Republicans. Unions will be strengthened through the Protect the Right to Organize (PRO) Act. Childcare deserts will be eliminated. Broadband internet access will reach the next level. And, Indiana’s 400,000+ veterans will see a renovated health care system that’ll help them receive the care they deserve. 

Democrats are ready to show Hoosiers why Indiana needs President Joe Biden’s Jobs Plan, and we’re ready to create a better tomorrow for families across Indiana. And already, a large majority of Americans support the American Jobs Plan. At least 68-percent of voters, including about 41-percent of Republicans, support this infrastructure package. 

The Jobs Plan is going to set Indiana up for long-term success, and that’s why Democrats are hitting the road again with its American Jobs Plan tour this summer, because we made a promise to deliver for Hoosiers and show up in all of Indiana’s 92 counties. 

Why Indiana Needs the American Jobs Plan

Broadband: The Rescue Plan delivered $250 million in broadband expansion across Indiana, but it’ll be the Jobs Plan that’ll take broadband access to the next level. About 16-percent of Hoosiers don’t have internet access at all and 48-percent of families only have one internet provider option for them: the Jobs Plan helps solve this. 

Manufacturing: Manufacturing employs 17.1-percent of Indiana’s workforce (541,000 Hoosiers). The Jobs Plan will invest $300 billion to help strengthen American manufacturers. This also includes passing the PRO Act.

Childcare: As it stands, about 55-percent of Hoosiers currently live in a childcare desert. The American Jobs Plan will not only start eliminating these deserts, but it’ll update existing facilities to help make childcare more affordable for Hoosier families. 

Rural: Indiana is a state of small towns. We’re proud of that. Statistics show about 80-percent of impoverished communities exist in rural counties. That’s why Democrats support the Jobs Plan, because it’ll address the immediate needs – like broadband access – for Indiana’s small towns. 

Veterans: Rebuilding infrastructure also means revitalizing Indiana’s local VA hospitals. More than 409,000 veterans are Hoosiers, and they deserve world-class health care after protecting the freedoms of this nation. The American Jobs Plan will get this done. 

Public Transportation: Hoosiers use public transportation. Those same Hoosiers spend an extra 88.7-percent of their time on a commute. It’s because about 38-percent of trains and vehicles in Indiana are past their “useful life”. With an $85 billion investment to the nation’s public transit systems, the Jobs Plan will modernize public transportation across Indiana.

Roads and Bridges: Indiana’s roads and bridges are crumbling and becoming a safety risk for motorists. More than 1,100 bridges are deficient and about 5,400 miles of highway are in poor condition. The Jobs Plan will devote about $115 billion to help make these repairs across the country, including for the Crossroads of America. 

Above is just a sample of what the American Jobs Plan can do for Indiana and Hoosier families. A full fact sheet about how the American Jobs Plan can deliver for the Hoosier Heartland can be found by clicking here.

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