Five Ways to Get Involved in 2020


2020 is the most important election of our lives! We need all hands on deck to take back our state this year! 

Here are FIVE things you can do to make your mark on this historical election:

1. Join the team

The best way to stay connected with the Party and be the first to know about events and opportunities near you by joining our email list. 

Every Friday, we send a newsletter to engaged Hoosiers to update them on Indiana news, and opportunities for involvement and events in their area! 

2. Volunteer

Sign up to volunteer and we will connect you with opportunities in your area! Sign on here

Check out the Party’s Get-Out-the-Vote volunteer events here.

You can also get in touch with your county party for local opportunities. You can find your county party’s information here.

There are plenty of other ways to use your voice and get involved! Here are a few ways you can volunteer your time:

3. Find your candidates

Candidates need YOU to succeed! Find out who your candidates are here.

Use your candidates’ websites and social media pages to follow along with what they’re doing, amplify their voices, and find out when their events are! 

If you want to follow along with all of our 2020 candidates, Indiana news, elected officials, government agencies, etc., we’ve created several lists on Twitter to help you do so. All you need to do is check out our Twitter lists and select the lists you’d like to follow, and click subscribe! 

4. Attend an event

A great way to get to know your candidates and offer your support is to attend events.

We post county parties’, clubs’, and candidates’ events on our events page. Check it out here to find out what is going on in your community.

You can also use your candidates’ websites and social media pages to find events near you, or contact your county party.

5. Be a poll watcher

Help ensure a safe and fair election as a poll watcher. They’re especially important with so many regular poll watchers staying home this year!

For more information contact your county chair here.


Voter outreach is funded through our 100%-grassroots-backed Safe Voting Initiative. You can read the plan and help support the program here.

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