SHOT/CHASER: Name-Calling Todd Young on Chicago-Style Politics


Young flip-flops on his own attacks to frontrunner Marlin Stutzman

INDIANAPOLIS – Todd Young loves “Chicago-style” politics so much that he’d be willing to flip-flop on the issue himself.

After numerous independent counts in February found Young didn’t get enough signatures needed to qualify for the U.S. Senate ballot, Todd Young blamed his opponent – frontrunner Marlin Stutzman. Now with the announcement of a new attack website on Rep. Stutzman, it seems like Todd Young is willing to flip-flop when it serves his own political interests.

“What does name-calling, finger-pointing Todd Young do when he doesn’t get his way? He flip-flops on the issue he brought to the state by using ‘Chicago-style’ political tactics to attack frontrunner Marlin Stutzman,” said Drew Anderson, communications director. “But that’s Todd Young – a politician who will say or do anything in an election year to win, even if it means talking through both sides of his mouth. Hoosiers want a leader who they can trust, not someone who puts his out-of-touch agenda ahead of Hoosiers.”

SHOT: Todd Young Campaign releases new ad “Chicago Style” – Todd Young YouTube Page [2.17.16]

“Young campaign manager Trevor Foughty blasted the removal effort as “Chicago-style” politics, because Democratic President Barack Obama once used a petition challenge to clear the field as an Illinois Senate candidate representing Hyde Park.” – NWI Times [3.14.16]

CHASER: “Young campaign scolds Stutzman on new website” – Fort Wayne Journal Gazette [3.16.16]

“The site scolds Stutzman, a 39-year-old LaGrange County farmer, for accepting federal farm subsidies; for voting to increase business taxes and “nearly double” legislators’ pay when he was a state lawmaker in the 2000s; and for filing a challenge to Young’s candidacy qualifications with the Indiana Election Commission. The claims are followed by snippets from media reports, online links and other references.”