Women matter. We find new solutions to old problems. We care about children, education, health and jobs with living wages: the future of Indiana. We are 51% of the population, and when women vote, women win.

Hundreds of thousands of Hoosier women who voted in the 2008 Democratic Primary did not vote in 2010.

We lost the Statehouse majority and two seats in Congress, and the Republicans at the Statehouse subsequently redrew the House and Senate district maps to intentionally cripple our chances of winning back a majority in either chamber over the next decade.

Those hundreds of thousands of votes would have made a huge difference, but we worked hard in 2012 to make tens of thousands of phone calls and get those women back to the polls. The result? Two statewide victories! But our fight is only just beginning. We need your help to keep the momentum going and make sure we're well positioned for more wins in 2014. 




If you'd like to make a financial contribution to our efforts, you can use the link above or mail a check to the 51 Percent Club, c/o the Indiana Democratic Party, 115 West Washington Street, Suite 1165, Indianapolis, IN 46204.

Because when women don't vote, women lose.

For more information on how to get involved, please fill out the membership form below or contact Ronnetta Spalding at 51percent@indems.org

And remember to follow our blog updates at www.WhenWomenVote.com!