Mike Pence & Statehouse Republicans Let Ideology Get in the Way of Protections for LGBT Hoosiers.

Pence’s RFRA will continue to bring a long-term economic panic to the state of Indiana

INDIANAPOLIS – Drew Anderson, communications director for the Indiana Democratic Party, issued the following statement after Mike Pence and Statehouse Republicans let their out-of-touch ideology get in the way of doing the right thing and expanding full protections for LGBT Hoosiers.

“It’s baffling how after a $250 million economic panic and the state on the brink of losing its ‘Hoosier Hospitality’ reputation, Mike Pence and Statehouse Republicans still cannot put their out-of-touch ideology aside and do the right thing for the state of Indiana. Mike Pence and Republicans say they ‘abhor discrimination’ – but by doing nothing, they are actively promoting it. This negligence will only continue the long-term effects Indiana has suffered under Mike Pence’s RFRA. Hoosiers deserve a governor who won’t put his personal ideology ahead of the state’s overall well-being. That person is John Gregg – who supports across the board protections for LGBT Hoosiers. As it stands today, Mike Pence and Statehouse Republicans have embarrassed Indiana once again.”