Indiana Democratic Party Job Postings

Data Director

The Indiana Democratic Party (IDP) is a full-time Data Director to manage the day-to-day voter file needs of the State Party, county party organizations, state and federal campaigns, and activists. This position will report directly to the IDP Chair and is solely responsible for administering the statewide voter file database for the Party. The Data Director must work out of the Party’s headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana. Interested candidates must email a resume, cover letter and three references to by Friday, April 21.

Responsibilities Include:
-Maintaining the State Party My Campaign database
-Providing timely and relevant analysis of data and fielding requests for specialized research projects, in many cases requiring rapid turnaround
-Tracking and disseminating analysis of voter contact results, early vote and absentee turnout, voter registration, and other data relevant to campaigns and caucuses
-Collecting raw political data from County Boards of Elections and other sources and converting it to usable form for analysis, and scrubbing and matching acquired lists back to the voter file (VoteBuilder or offline)
-Maintaining Indiana’s Voter File (VAN) in partnership with the DNC
-Providing real time customer support for candidates, candidate committees, county officers, and other VAN users
-Creating user VAN accounts and committees
-Creating and establishing training programs for the VAN, which will include travel across the state
-Keeping Party staff abreast of technological advances and issues in counties
-Must be able to work independently to accomplish tasks
-Must be able to work evening and weekend hours
-Provide a supporting role to our Coordinated Program for 2018
-Provide prompt customer service to VAN users, including approving exports and solving user problems
-Implementing a system to create and track user access to the VAN
-Must be proficient in Excel and Excel formulas
-Efficient time management skills
-Must be able to work quickly under pressure
-Day-to-day management of users and committees in VoteBuilder
-Developing and implementing a training program for VoteBuilder statewide in conjunction with the Field –  Department, including a regular webinar schedule
-Maintaining an inventory of all data assets
-Creating and maintaining survey questions, activist codes and other VoteBuilder infrastructure
-Creating all shared searches and targets

Preferred Qualifications
-Experience conducting webinars
-Customer Service experience
-At least two cycles of prior campaign experience preferred
-Demonstrated data analysis and writing skills, preferably in a political environment
-Ability to plan and manage time sensitive projects with competing needs
-Working knowledge of statistical models, precinct targeting, etc. is beneficial
-Knowledge and familiarity with VAN
-Knowledge of Excel including formulas, functions, and pivot tables
-Knowledge of SQL including creating queries and manipulating large data sets
-Familiarity with GIS preferred but not required
-Experience standardizing data from multiple sources to produce complex reports
-Strong attention to detail, including accuracy of data entry
-Ability to multitask and manage time effectively

Interested candidates must email a resume, cover letter and three references to by Friday, April 21.