Candidate Tools


Digital Tools

  • The DNC is launching a new online hub called I Will Run that streamlines all of the tools a candidate might need in order to run a successful campaign.
    • Democratic candidates will have access to a list of best-in-class tools and vendors that they will need through the life cycle of a campaign, complete with negotiated pricing.
      • This includes digital, finance, research, security, training, and voter outreach.

INDems Candidate Toolbox

  • The Indiana Democratic Party launched the Candidate Toolbox to support candidates with messaging and provide ready-to-use digital content. Interested? Email Zoe at for more information.

Online Candidate Training

The Indiana Democratic Party has partnered with the National Democratic Training Committee (NDTC) to offer online training courses for candidates at every level of government. Course topics include Budgeting & Compliance, GOTV, Fundraising, Messaging, Recruiting Volunteers, and Targeting Voters. The online training is completely free and easy to enroll. Click here to visit our state’s specific website and click the red “Get Trained” box. Any questions can be directed to Lauren Ganapini.

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